‘Sat-nav for the spine’ Technology is Working Wonders at Impington Hospital

An innovative surgical procedure dubbed ‘sat-nav for the spine’ is being carried out in a Cambridgeshire hospital.

Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital, in Impington, is the first private hospital outside of London to invest in the state-of-the-art StealthStation 7, which enables surgeons to carry out key hole surgery on complex spinal cases.

The technology provides a navigation system allowing surgeons to insert screws, rods and a cage into the exact location in the spine through a small incision.

One of the first operations to use the procedure was recently carried out by Richard Mannion, consultant neurosurgeon, on 56-year old Neil Lasher, who travelled from London to have his pioneering treatment.

Mr Mannion explained: “Having failed all non-operative treatments, this gentleman had already been offered open fusion surgery in London, though he was put off by the long recovery and possible need for a blood transfusion.

“But here we were able to use the most advanced technology available to perform a stealth navigated minimally invasive interbody fusion.

“Through two keyhole incisions, his spinal problem was dealt with and he was able to go home within 24 hours of surgery. He returned to work very quickly and it is a pleasure to see him doing so well, with both his back and leg pain now a thing of the past.”

Neil said: “From day one I noticed the pain had mostly gone, and I could stand up straight for the first time in years – it seemed like a miracle.

“Just 19 days after my treatment I flew to America and within one month I was off the drugs completely.”

Unlike traditional spinal procedures, StealthStation 7 allows for surgery to occur with minimal blood loss, faster recovery time and a reduced requirement for strong post-operative pain killers. The technology also reduces surgery time and enables surgeons to act on complex spinal cases without having to operate on the whole spine.


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